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Lightweight signage

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Also known as “plastic cardboard”, correx is often used as signage, and in particular as estate agent signs. It is a lightweight double sided fluted plastic that is rigid as well as waterproof, lending itself well to all types of signage. It can be used for point of sale displays, road, warning and site signs, as well in the building industry, where is used as an alternative to materials such as plywood and hardboard.

It’s a cost effective way to produce short term signage both indoors and outdoors — as a material, correx is cheap. We offer a few combinations of thicknesses and sizes, so you can order exactly what you need. With the option to print on one or both sides, and our vibrant high quality printing, your boards will attract attention where ever they are used.


Size: 600x450mm, 600x400mm, 600x800mm
Paper/Material: 3mm correx, 4mm correx
Sides: 2 Sides, 1 Side

Correx is incredibly versatile. As signage it offers great value for money while being highly effective. Order your specialized signs today and enjoy free delivery, anywhere in South Africa.