PRINT Banners

High impact and made to last

Postcards - Beyond business - bold and beautiful

Durable enough to withstand the elements, these pvc banners are used in many different ways, mostly outdoors, at sporting and other events. They banners can be used for branding, or for specific messaging. Known as tie-up or wall banners, with their bold printing and vibrant colours, they are usually placed in prominent positions where they can attract attention and make a very bold statement.

Our banners come in various sizes, with eyelets that make it easy to put them up and take them down. Coupled to top quality printing, you can be assured that our banners will always look good, never fading and serving you well over the years.


Processing: 6 Eyelets, 8 Eyelets, 4 Eyelets, Standard
Size: 50x150cm, 50x100cm, 100x200cm, 150x150cm, 100x300cm, Custom size, 150x200cm
Paper/Material: PVC - Banner

No matter what the event is, get noticed! Our high quality vinyl banners will take your brand awareness to the next level. Free delivery, anywhere in South Africa.